April 2019


What Do We Mean By Wineries?

When there is a business of some commodity, it can be understood easily that the business would own a factory or we can say a building where the commodity is produced. This is because the people who are businessmen do not get other people involved, rather they want their stuff to be made by them only so that they are well aware of the cost that they have to bear for the company to produce the stuff so that while they sell the commodity they can earn the maximum benefits in this way. Obviously if they buy the stuff from other companies, they would keep some margin of profit themselves and the material would be expensive hence increasing the expenses and reducing the revenues for the company as a whole as well.

This is the case with wineries, the businesses that sell wine to the wholesalers and other people who buy wine from them, are producing the wines themselves, they do it in the wineries. are the buildings that are used to produce wine all over the country. These are the actual place where the production of the wines take place.

Many people are confused as to if the wineries and the vineyards are the same thing, well no, this is not the case as a vineyard is a place where the plantation of the grapes is. Food for thought, grapes are the fruit that is used in making wines, it is the very important and can be considered as the major element of making wine as well. And so a vineyard is a place where these grapes are grown so that when they are grown fully, they can be sent to the wineries so that they can be made into wine then. Yes, wineries are the buildings where the goods are converted into wine. And it is very possible that as a vineyard and a winery are two different things completely, a vineyard can have its own winery so that the grapes grown in the vineyard can be made onto wine in the winery. And then the winery and the vineyard can both be possessed by a business of wine as well. That would be a perfect combination then. Everything at the same production place.

Anyone can visit a winery, there are tours that are held for the tourists and the people of the same city as well by different companies so that they can be entertained with the tasting of the wines. It is in fact a day trip where these people get in a bus and go to visit different wineries and enjoy their quality time with the people that they love.