January 2019


Best Holiday Accommodation

If you are looking for a place for your holidays and you want to spend time with your family or alone then we have the best holiday accommodation in Cowes for you which will make your tour great. We provide you the accommodation in hope island resort that have all the perks and facilities. Whether you are looking to stay for a little or have plans for multiple days and explore the city or the nature then we are our best option. You can make your stay more dramatic and iconic with the best facilities and services. As we have a number of hotels at different locations and every hotel has its own facilities and qualities that it offers to you. We assure you that your stay at our hotels will not be in vain. Whether you come with your family or your friends, you will love it. All of the hotels are located at a minimum distance to the best attractions of the location. 

As our hotels are a standard for you so all of the hotels have pools in them. Some have indoor and some have outdoor. The best thing about the pools is that they are heated. You can adjust the temperature of the water the way you like it. You can have a pretty much good time with other people at the pool plus you can make new friends, meet new people. Every hotel has its own attraction and some of them have the best cafés, restaurants and bars. You will find every thing to eat and to drink, whatever is on your mind, we are sure that you will find it at the restaurant. You are into gaming or want to download some heavy content from internet, we have high speed internet connection and wi-fi is available at all of our hotels. You can have a pretty good enjoyable time at our hotels.  

 You will be provided all the basic facilities at our hotels. In the morning you can have a beautiful breakfast and there is a variety in the breakfast. You have to choose what you want to eat and some of our locations have bicycle rental available. You will be provided with daily housekeeping services and dry-cleaning services are also available. If you are getting bored and are unable to find anything to do then some of our hotels have flat screen TV’s. You can watch movies or news channels to know about the current situation. If you are planning to come with a corporate tour with corporate people then some of our destinations provide conference rooms which can be very helpful for you.  lux-accommodation.jpg

Travel Safety Tips For Women

Regardless of whether you’re a woman backpacking around the world by yourself or you’re travelling with other family members on vacation, some places in the world can be very unsafe and dangerous for women who love to travel. There are no specific places and countries that we can pin point as it can happen to anyone who catches the eye of a predator in any part of the world. Even though there are women fighting for equal rights and other issues all around the world, it is still considered unsafe for women to be travelling by themselves and if you’re a daunting woman that loves the thrill of adventure and adrenaline, you’re not going to back down from traveling the world just so you could be safe. For those women who decide to embark on these journeys, there are steps that they can take to make sure that they will be safe at all times. If you’re a woman who is hoping to travel to a new country by yourself or even with other people, it is best for you to know some basic safety tips such as the ones that we have mentioned below.

Hotel Rooms

One of the things that you need to be extra cautious about during your travels is your holiday accommodation as places such as these are where most women are baited and lured into the captivity of their attackers. If you’re staying with a group of people, we highly suggest looking at renting MIssion Beach apartments that everybody can share while you are on vacation as apartments usually tend to come with very high tech security systems and guards that can help you with any trouble.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a handy dandy item to have on hand when you are roaming the streets of a city at night or in a city or place where you feel unsafe and uncomfortable. There are so many good pepper spray options out there but the best yet is the pepper spray key chain which you can use as your key chain to attach your various types of keys to and chances are, you’re constantly going to have this item on your hand wherever you go.

Self Defense

If you’re ever bored of sorting out visas for your upcoming trip, you should definitely look into killing your time by joining a self-defense class. There are so many self-defense classes that are taught in every town on a daily basis. Knowing how to take on an attacker is the best feeling ever and it will help you to feel less anxious and scared going into your travels.